Leading firm in Architecture and Interior Design, Balancing between the innovative and leading visual ideas and between the functionality and efficient space utilization with original and inhabited design approaches.

Since 2015, THD Studio has been working on expanding the design culture, serving the clients and meeting their needs, with the main objective of over delivering and exceeding client expectations.

With a highly qualified Team of Designer and Engineers that are passionate about can turning your Unit into a unique, aesthetic, and luxurious one.

Using Smart Solution, flexible spaces and unbeatable durability and catering to every specific style, taste, budget and deadline.

We provide the services of interior designing of commercial, institutional, residential, and other architectural projects.

THD Studio is specialized in providing stunning and exceptional architectural and interior design services that include creative space planning, 3D rendering, Project management and supervision for residential, administrative and commercial projects.



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002 - 01006224062

First Settlement, New Cairo